I have learnt from my mistake, says Betty Bayo

Says she was insulted after the Kanyari expose yet they were not together.

In Summary
  • "The public wanted me to answer as a wife but the person I was speaking about was not even in my life."
  • Theirs was an unhappy marriage. 
Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo
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One night five years ago, Betty Bayo walked into her home from an event and switched on her phone.

A barrage of messages flooded her phone. 

KTN’s Jicho Pevu and Inside Story had just aired an expose on her husband, Victor Kanyari. 


"The public wanted me to answer as a wife but the person I was speaking about was not even in my life," she said on her YouTube channel.

"I was forced to speak about things I [didn't] know. I could not judge him that he was stealing because it was his normal life."

The artist said she did not know what side to take but was insulted because of someone who had cost her so much. 

Betty had walked out of the marriage a few months earlier. The artist said she visited some friends in the UK and while there she started reflecting on her life. When she came back she rented her house.

Betty said theirs was an unhappy marriage. She introduced him to her mother two weeks after meeting him. 

"I met him after visiting his church. Both of us were in [troubled] relationships," she said, adding that she was in her early 20s.

The Busy Busy hitmaker said she found herself married to Kanyari after her then boyfriend failed to show up at her home yet she had informed her mother about his coming.


"We opened up to each other after meeting and I jokingly asked him to replace the man who had failed me and he agreed," she said. "I was so afraid of what I would tell my mum. I did not know how to handle that rejection."

Betty says she is now healed, has learnt from her mistakes and can speak about it.