Three Tanzanian celebrities injured in road accident

Lulu Diva, Belle 9, Bonge La Nyau and driver survive crash.

In Summary
  • Were from a show.
Lulu Diva
Lulu Diva
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Tanzanian singers Lulu Diva, Belle 9 and Bonge La Nyau were involved in a road accident on Monday morning on their way to Dar es Salaam.

The three were from a show in Iringa.

"We met the accident along Chalize. We were being driven, we didn't drive ourselves," Lulu Diva told a Tanzanian entertainment website

"I don't know what the cause was because when the accident happened, I was asleep. I suddenly saw the car had lost direction."

Belle 9 said, "I remember being taken out of the car, that's the only part that I remember. We started our journey last night [Sunday]. My friend, who is the owner of the car, was the one driving us. The driver is well.

"I thank God I am recovering because I was the one who was in a bad condition"