Auntie Boss's Silphrosa: I was raped at nine years

She shared for the first time how her innocence was taken away by a 'kind' stranger

In Summary

• A man offered to take her home when she got lost but she wound up in his house

Auntie Boss Silphrosa

'Auntie Boss' actress Sandra Dacha, alias Silphrosa, says she survived a rape ordeal when she was nine years old and in class three.

Sandra grew up in Mukuru and Korogocho slums of Nairobi.

Speaking to Kiss FM's Jalang'o on YouTube, she recounted the story where her innocence was taken away by a heartless man and has never been revealed to anyone.


She was hawking groundnuts in Nairobi West.

"My mum had warned me not to go to Lunar Park because she feared I would get lost," she said.

"I once got lost after spending a whole day in Nairobi West’s Luna Park. So I went to the matatu stage and announced I was lost and asked if there was anyone who would volunteer to take me home.

"One guy volunteered, and I don’t know how the others trusted him. He carried me in his vehicle to his home and started touching me when we reached his parking lot."

The married man went ahead to take advantage of her that night as she could not understand what was going on.

"His wife was breastfeeding and took me to a room where I slept on the floor," Sandra said.

"Her husband kept coming into my room in the middle of the night, but I didn’t understand what was happening."


The man released Sandra to go home, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell her mother what had happened. The man gave her Sh1,000 and she went home the day.

"I developed complications after a day and had to be taken to hospital. I refused to admit that I was raped because I feared what my mother would do if she found out that I disobeyed her orders and got lost."

Sandra says being a plus-size woman was the reason she got an opportunity to be in 'Auntie Boss'.