Why Tanasha unfollowed Diamond and Wasafi members

Tanasha has in the past said that Diamond does not support his child

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• She says she did not want to see what her ex is doing and what he is up to

Tanasha with Diamond Platinumz
Tanasha with Diamond Platinumz
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Singer Tanasha Donna says the reason she unfollowed her baby dady Diamond Platinumz, his family and all Wasafi members is because she was going through a heartbreak.

Speaking in a recent YouTube interview, Tanasha said she is sensitive to matters of the heart.


"Even now I am not in any communication with Diamond," she said.


Tanasha and Diamond separated early this year after what she said were unresolved issues.

"As a woman, when going through a heartbreak, it is usually very tough," she said.

"I did not want to see what my ex was doing and what he was up to and so, the best way to avoid that was to unfollow all his friends and close family."

The mother of one, however, said there was nothing personal as she is in communication with some of them.

Tanasha has in the past said that Diamond does not support his child.

In the interview, she said support comes from the heart.


"Don't support me, if it doesn't come from his heart," she said.


She then addressed her relationship with Hamisa, who is also Diamond's baby mama.

Hamisa dressed Tanasha in her new song. "The one thing I admire about her is that she is hardworking and she knows so much about fashion," she said.

"I talk business with her. How we will benefit from each other.

"To other women out there, let's not hold grudges over things that have passed. Learn to work with everybody and it's a blessing. No need to compete."

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