Live music will flourish amid corona — Redfourth Chorus

The Stanbic Bank-sponsored concert will be aired on Saturday, August 29, at 8pm

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• People appreciate live music since they can see honesty of performances — founder

Redfourth Chorus founder Filah Philip
Redfourth Chorus founder Filah Philip

Redfourth Chorus put themselves on the music map after they covered Sauti Sol’s gospel jam, “Kuliko Jana”.

The song became an international sensation and even made Sauti Sol change the video into an Acapella version.

The choir is still going places and will be working with several of Kenya’s top acts ahead of the Kenya ni Yetu virtual concert.


The Stanbic Bank-sponsored concert, which will feature 30 artists, will be aired on Saturday, August 29, at 8pm.

Speaking to Word Is, Redfourth music academy founder Filah Philip said the opportunity to work with the artistes has left a huge impact on members of the group.

“It was an honour to be able to work with notable musicians that our members look up to," she said.

"The experience is amazing and it is a concept we have never done before."

With live performances becoming the new normal, Filah believes this will help many artistes flourish, with Kenyans now embracing such performances.

"I think during this period, what we are guaranteed is that live music now has an opportunity to flourish since we can do live music for a live audience.

"We have seen that people now can appreciate live music since they know they are now able to see the honesty of the performances."


But how has the coronavirus pandemic changed the way of doing business?

"We have learnt to adapt since for a long time, we have learnt how to survive the industry, but right now, we have to make ourselves known in terms of pushing more on social media," she said.

Filah added that time artistes spent networking before is now being spent creating with the hope things will get back to normal.

Asked about the kind of legacy he would like to leave behind, Filah said they (Redfourth Chorus) would like to be remembered as a group that gave a platform to young, budding musicians.

The Kenya ni Yetu concert will be live on all TV stations, including Kiss TV, Citizen TV, K24, KTN and NTV, as well as on