I was offered Sh10m to drop Jesus in my songs, says Gait

Deal was tabled five years ago, when he was struggling to make it

In Summary

• Foreigners offered to sign him up and lift his profile provided he didn't mention Jesus

Jimmy Gait
Jimmy Gait

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait says he was offered Sh10 million to drop 'Jesus' in his songs.

Speaking to TV47, the 'Muhadhara' hitmaker said music is not easy.

"For those who want to join it, be prepared," he said.


He says for a couple of years, he did not make any coin from music. What kept him going is the passion and the vision he had.

"There were times I would go hungry. There were times I would perform and the pastors would tell me, 'God bless you' thank you for ministering. The most important virtue I have always held on to is hope and determination," he said.

He recounted meeting some foreigners five years ago who wanted to sign him, promising a lot of money.

"The only thing they wanted me to do was more inspirational songs. They did not tell me to leave gospel music but they told me not to mention Jesus in my songs," he said.

Having done so much research about Illuminati and Freemasons, Jimmy says he knew all was not well.

"As an artiste, you research those things to avoid falling into their traps. They were supposed to do an album for me and would give me a down payment of Sh10 million," he said.


Jimmy felt tempted as he was not making money.

"They were globally connected and they wanted to share my music across nations. They were talking about the big stations, like Trace," he said.

"They said they needed me to look more contemporary and tone down on mentioning God. And that was the number one thing that made me not to fall into their trap."

Jimmy felt no celebration after he went home. "I was grieving in my soul instead of celebrating. They were foreigners but were using local artistes," he said.

He added that in Kenya, some artistes have been recruited by such people without their knowledge.