Ex threw me out when I was broke, now flirting with me – Flaqo

Comedian sank into depression after the breakup

In Summary

• He says it was so embarrassing as he had dated her for years


Online comedian Flaqo says his ex-girlfriend threw him out of their house because he was broke.

Flaqo says weeks after that dramatic breakup, his video went viral and was recognised by Kenyans. 

Speaking in a live interview with Mpasho, Flaqo said his very first pay, he sent it to his ex to compensate her for hosting and providing for him when they were dating.

"She threw my clothes outside and it was so embarrassing as I had dated her for years," he said.

"To thank her for supporting me, I sent her Sh100,000 so that I don't feel like I owe her anything. Nowadays, she texts me, 'Hi handsome.' Haha, how have I become handsome?" 

Flaqo says he sank into depression after the breakup. He is currently advertising for different brands.

Edited by T Jalio