Shilole husband 'envied' success

She would forgive until she could not forgive him any more

In Summary

• He beat her for talking to colleagues or asking who had called him


Months after publicly admitting to being a victim of domestic abuse, Tanzanian actress Shilole says her husband Uchebe has been bitter about her success.

Shilole took to her social media platform to apologise to her family and other domestic abuse victims for not speaking out early.

Speaking during an interview with Clouds Digital, she said her husband had insecurity issues.

"The first time he beat me up we had gone for an event. He got angry because he saw me catching up with some colleagues in the industry," she said.

"He got angry and went home, left the car behind. When I went home, he met me with slaps. I was beaten until the dogs woke up. I forgave him and then he started making it a habit."