Jack Rooster releases 'Africa Disco'

The video features shots representing the vibrant Nairobi music scene

In Summary

• It immerses listeners in the uniqueness and vibrancy of the African club culture

Jack Rooster
Jack Rooster

Singer and DJ Jack Rooster has released 'Africa Disco', a new music video and the third single off his 'Nyumba' album released last year.

'Africa Disco' reminds us of a time before the pandemic when we would gather and dance freely.

“Through the music video, we relive the moments we’ve had and look forward to those yet to come," Jack said.


The video features shots of performance scenes representing the vibrant Nairobi music scene and teleports you to the African dance floor, a place where freedom of expression reigns supreme.

Jack encourages fans to keep listening to his album 'Nyumba', which is a blend of different genres.

He is currently on tour in Europe. “We need the music now more than ever," he says.