Cyberbullying: Why Awinja, Wibroda hide their children

In Summary

• Awinja and Wilbroda have never shown off their children's face on social media.


Actresses Awinja and Wilbroda say cyberbullying is the reason they don't post their children on social media.

Both are mothers but have never shown off their children's faces on social media.

In an interview with MC Jessy, Awinja, real name Jacky Vike, said, "People will call him ugly and because I am not patient enough to tolerate such comments, I’ll insult you, so I’m avoiding that."

Awinja said when she got pregnant, trolls kept linking her to different men.

"They suspected like eight different MCAs. Mpaka MCA wa huko ushago kwetu hata sijawahi jua anaexist, mpaka nikamwonea huruma," she said.

Wilbroda said social media is some sort of demon and she will only introduce her son to it when he is old enough to understand it. "It has helped us a lot, but there’s also a demon behind it," she said.

"I feel if I introduce my child to social media at a tender age, it’s not good. I have to get his consent, but most parents just post pics and run accounts for kids without knowing how it might affect them in future."

She recounted sometimes back when someone said her son was ugly.

"Can you imagine someone said that about my son after a photo we took at an event went viral? 'Huyu mtoto anakaaje, wapi babake'," she said.


Since then, I told myself I’ll never put my child through that until when he gets older and chooses to do it by himself. My son doesn’t even like me posting photos of him.

She said she prefers to keep her child away from social media because he is not yet able to face trolls.

"I can fight my wars. The comments people make is proof people are evil. So not everyone will feel the same about you," she said.