My husband left me for another woman – Zeddy

She is currently helping comedians who are in depression

In Summary

• Zeddy says her husband left two months after she got pregnant

Comedian Zeddy
Comedian Zeddy

Former Churchill show Comedienne Zainab Zeddy says her husband left her when she was two months pregnant with her child.

Speaking to Grace Msalame on 'Unscripted with Grace' on NTV, Zeddy said last year, she got back together with her husband and stayed together peacefully.

"I got pregnant and after two months, he left again," she said."We had not disagreed and nothing was wrong, he just left to go stay with another woman."


At that period, Zeddy says her career as a stand-up comedian was picking up.

However, the director of the TV show she was working at denied her the opportunity to shine on air.

"I was going for rehearsals. I went to like five shows but every single time, Victor Ber (Teacher Wanjiku's husband) would tell me the performance list was already full," she said.

"At the time I was six months pregnant, my husband had left, I was being denied a chance to perform at work, I have two more children in school, I have rent and many other bills to pay. I had nothing."

She added that her side businesses were doing well, thus supplementing her income.

"I had a 14-seater matatu and thought it would help me get some income. It was rented to take people to Matuu and had an accident there," she said.

"It was then written off. I also had a small restaurant in Umoja 3. I was not there to supervise the workers and business started deteriorating after three years of doing well."


The financial downfall saw her sink into debt. Zeddy narrated how her dramatic situation deteriorated.

Zeddy says house rent was a problem and so she had to talk to the caretaker so she would not be evicted.

"I had stayed there for eight years but I could not raise the rent for the last few months," she said.

"He gave me three months to prepare myself and vacate the house. The hotel was doing so badly that I instructed my brother to close it."

Zeddy has since managed the situation and now helps other comedians who are depressed and undergoing financial difficulties.

She is also in business and sells snacks online.