Akothee, Zari 'not buddies' any more

She says it is a way of cleansing herself in this new month

In Summary

• Singer does not know 'how to pretend' after implying her support is not reciprocated

Akothee and Zari Hassan
Akothee and Zari Hassan
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Akothee has unfollowed Diamond's ex Zari Hassan.

The two were close friends and even when Zari came to Kenya for a women empowerment talk, they were seen together.

Akothee has defended her decision, saying she is tired of pretending that the two are still buddies but not social media mates.


"It doesn't have to be breaking news when I decide to unfollow some of my colleagues in the industry of social media. It's a way of getting fresh air," she said.

She said the only thing she can't do is to pretend.

"Some of them I would defend with my uterus when they are attacked, but they will not come to my rescue when it's my turn, they will coil their tail and come back when the storm is calm, but I understand, maybe they fear bloggers or they have underlying issues."