Njugush has fed my family for two years — Abel Mutua

Abel helped Njugush get a role in the popular TV drama series TRHK.

In Summary

• Njugush hired Abel's wife to be his finance manager

Philip Karanja, Abel Mutua and Njugush
Philip Karanja, Abel Mutua and Njugush
Image: courtesy

Former Tahidi High Actor Abel Mutua says comedian Njugush has been taking care of him and his family for two years.

Abel says it's through a good deed he did for Njugush when he was new in the industry. He helped a struggling Njugush get his first audition opportunity in 2013.


Abel was speaking in his latest episode of his Celeb First Encounter YouTube show. He described Njugush as a humble man, a trait that made him prophesy on Njugush's life.


Abel then gave Njugush a role in the 'Real Househelps of Kawangware' show, a role he pushed to become one of the biggest in Kenya.

"When he joined the show, even our reviews became better and people noticed us," he said.

"By the time that year was ending, he became a great and I promised him he would become a great person."

Njugush later went into online comedy, which became a hit with his fans.

Njugush kept at it and got his big break in 2017. His first call was to Abel to inform him of the biggest deal of his life.

"He told me that a client had just offered him a million-plus for a two-month contract," he said.


"At this time, Njugush was also already consistently earning an average of Sh200,000 a month."


After a while, Njugush then hired Abel Mutua's wife, Judy Nyawira, as his finance manager.

Abel jokingly explained how his wife was now earning more than he is through her work with Njugush.

"Basically, Njugush has been feeding me and my family for over two years now. I am still amazed at just how things work out," he said.