Shaffie has given up on marriage

His mum and aunties have given up on him getting married

In Summary

• He says he wants a woman to propose to him if he is to marry

Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru
Image: FILE

Homeboyz Radio programmes controller Shaffie Weru says he is not getting married.

Speaking to Mpasho on a live session on Instagram, Shaffie said his mum and aunties gave up on him getting married.

"I think that was never for me and will never happen. I tried na imekataa," he said.

"I know people really wanna see me do the walk down the aisle and everything, but if I’ve never gone on a date for the last four to five years, you guys are still waiting for me to get married? Really?"

Shaffie also said he finds women who shoot their shots attractive. He added that he wants to be married.

"If you’re the type of person, you come with a good vibe because I’ll never do it. Let the women come and do it," he said.

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