Wema asks fans not to bother her over her body

She has her 'English figure' back after dieting for over a year

In Summary

• Fans are convinced her weight loss is down to surgery

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu is angry with those who keep asking her about her weight loss.

Early this year, Sepetu stepped out after losing weight and fans wondered how she did it.

She said she had been dieting for over a year, wanting to have her English figure back, thus the loss of weight.

Months later, fans are not convinced, but Sepetu has told them off. In a recent post on Instagram, she wrote:

"Guys...!!! Mambo ya Surgery sijui Tummy Tuck gone wrong, Sijui Liposuction yanahusu nini...??? Ebu niacheni jamani khaaa....

"Usikute mnaonisema mna mitambi yenu mibaya imewajaa mna stress mnawaza mnaanza kuitoaje toaje.... Mmenikalia Tumbo sijui Lines... Niacheni...!!! I Love me with my Perfect Imperfections... So Let Me Be... Ghaaaaaaiii"