Lilian Muli is afraid of a female stalker

Someone has been bullying her online with intimate photos of her car

In Summary

• If anything happens to her, then the police will know where to start, she says

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli recently went out of her way to complain about a stalker who has been bullying her online with intimate photos of her car.

Speaking to Word Is, Lilian said the stalker is female and intends to malign her name and character.

Lilian said the person does that every time she sees her somewhere. "They either hide and take discreet videos and photos of me but lately in two incidents they have taken videos of my car," she said.


"Possibly to hurt me I don't know, but someone can't make it their business every time they find me somewhere.

"It is creepy and unacceptable. If anything were to happen to me, this would be the first suspect."

Lilian said there are people out there who think public figures do not have a right to privacy. She says it has affected her and she doesn't feel safe at all.

She has reported the matter to police.

"I keep my circle small because I keep the company of people I feel safe around," she said.

"That, therefore, gives nobody the right to stalk me because they literally know nothing about my life and I would assume they are harmful if they repeatedly infringe on my personal space in this way."