B-Classic starts off with 'Baby, I Swear'

This release coincides with his signing to Joel Lishenga's Champion Records

In Summary

• Singer is determined to take Africa by storm

Singer B-Classic
Singer B-Classic
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Singer-songwriter B-Classic has released his first single, 'Baby I swear.' The Taveta-born singer describes it as a heartfelt serenade to his love interest.

"It was inspired by a series of true events. It's very relatable to most young people, as it tells the story of a young man ready to do anything for a woman he loves, revealing how she makes him crazy," he said in a statement.

Classic is progressively building a niche as one of Kenya’s fast-rising acts. "I am a multi-instrumentalist (bass, acoustic and electric guitar) and I breathe and live music," he added.


He describes his sound as an eclectic fusion of the live instruments and electronic elements, creating a unique and fresh urban African sound.

"I will take the African music scene by storm with this first release," B-Classic said.