I'm a self-made millionaire, says Zari

Came under fire for questioning whether Bobi Wine has what it takes to run for president.

In Summary
  • Bobi's fans accused her of being used by the Ugandan government to tarnish the artist's name.
  • Zari says she just spoke her mind. 
Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan has denied she got money from the Ugandan government and said she is self-made millionaire. 

Zari recently questioned whether Bobi Wine has the credentials to run for president, triggering a backlash from the musician's fans online

Some accused her of being used by the Ugandan government to tarnish Bobi's name.

In a recent video, Zari says she is a hustler who uses her brains to survive.

"If you have receipts of the money you claim the government gave me, post them. I don't take money from the government or the government can as well post proof that they gave me money," she said.

"The government has nothing on me. I spoke my mind because I believe in what I spoke. I asked [for] Bobi credentials and you claim you have no time. You just don't have answers.

"I understand my pain as a woman and went abroad to hustle. Stop consoling yourself, otherwise, you will die in poverty. If you claim abusing the President is the quickest way to earn money, go ahead and do so." 

Zari, who is the former wife of Tanzanian musician Diamond, also explained how she got her new Bentley.


"...them hardworking and clever. I saved my money to get myself a new car. I called up Tiffah's dad [Diamond] and asked him for a top-up. I am using my brain," the mother of five said.