Njambi Koikai well into recovery

Has hit 50kg target.

In Summary
  • She was 36kg and wasting away. 
  • Now eats all types of wild greens, fruits and “a lot of mashakura”.
Media personality Njambi Koikai
Media personality Njambi Koikai

After years of battling endometriosis, media personality Njambi Koikai is on the road to recovery.

Njambi has documented her journey battling the condition and the toll it has taken on her body, including losing lots of weight. Njambi, who weighed 36kg during her treatment, made it her goal to add at least 14kg.

To achieve this, she says, she had to ‘love’ some of the foods she hated. These include avocado. Njambi now eats all types of wild greens, fruits and “a lot of mashakura”.

She wrote on her Instagram page:  “During diagnosis and through treatment, I was at 36kgs. Yes 36kgs. I was wasting away. I’m heavily medicated and it hasn’t been easy. I’m now at 50kgs fam. I’m excited and happy. That’s such a milestone for me.”

Njambi said she would not have hit her target were it not for her caring mum being by her side.

To celebrate her achievement, she honoUred her mother by rocking her dress.

A cheerful Njambi added that she was celebrating her sister who graduated with a master’s degree.

"She gave me this dress when I was in high school and her sling bag. My mom and late grandma had some serious style. I’m also celebrating my sister who graduated yesterday with a Master’s degree in Science. She did this through my sickness and all the stress we were going through. I’m super proud of my little sis,” she wrote.