Diamond's sister married as a fifth wife

Some fans congratulated her, others questioned her

In Summary

She joins his other sister Queen Darleen in being someone's 'extra' wife

Esma Khan
Esma Khan
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Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma recently tied the knot in a secretive affair attended by close family and friends.

Rumours doing the rounds have it the socialite was married to a Tanzanian businessman as a third wife. The details of her marriage were confirmed recently by Esma.

This was after a two-month affair. In her posts, she contradicted herself on the matter as she claimed her man had only three wives but later disclosed she was the fifth wife.

“Thank you so much for this gift, my friend. I cried to you a lot of times while we were dating and you comforted me. Wife number five,” she wrote in one of her posts on social media.

While most of her fans were happy for her, some questioned why she had had to get married as a fifth wife.