Zeddy: How Teacher Wanjiku's husband frustrates comedians

Claim comes week after show comedian Kasee died out of depression

In Summary

• He 'criticises them harshly during auditions and blocks females who may rival his wife'

Comedian Zeddy
Comedian Zeddy

Former Churchill Show comedienne Zainabu Zeddy says the show's comedians have been frustrated by the creative director, Victor Ber, who is Teacher Wanjiku's husband.

In the long post shared on Instagram, she accused Ber of depressing artistes who go to the auditions with negative feedback.

"Here is the guy behind the artistes' woes @VictorBer24, creative director at Churchill Show. 'Depression maker'," she wrote.


"If you have been to Churchill Show auditions, you know this guy. He will criticise you with his tough words." 

This comes a week after another comedian of the show allegedly died out of depression.

Speaking to Word Is, Zeddy said Kasee was depressed after his many times being denied an opportunity to perform on Churchill Show.

"The truth of the matter is, Kasee was desperate and stressed out. He was denied chances to perform at Churchill," she said.

"I called some comedians to look for Kasee but it had gotten to a point he used to run away from people because of the condition he was in.

"Victor Ber has been chasing us. Even on the show when you ask him, he will then make sure you are the last person to perform when the audience is tired so, they don't get your jokes and you end up ashamed."

A few months ago, Churchill Show's Njenga Mswahili also died from what many people said was depression.


Zeddy says it was due to frustrations. "Mswahili went through the same and even got admitted in Mathare Hospital. He ended up dying," she said.

Asked on whether Ber has reached out to her, Zeddy said he has not. "Apart from being a comedian, I am also a mother and I know depression can kill," she said.

"I do not like to see people suffering because of other people and that is why I spoke out, coz none of the comedians will talk."

Zeddy said she is currently selling snacks online after she gave up on the show. In another post, she accused Ber of discouraging female comedians.

"I had a life before Churchill Show and I have a life after Churchill. I can survive. I have been away for two years but I made sure I told him the truth," she said.

"We have few female comedians on Churchill because he made sure those who come for auditions don't succeed, so that his wife Tr Wanjiku continues to shine."

When Word Is reached out to Victor Ber, he did not pick our calls.