Don't fall into debt trap while hunting pleasures — Kigame

He warned that borrowing can turn into a cycle that leaves you living in fear

In Summary

• Pained by the instalments he had to pay for his car, he urges Kenyans to know better

Reuben Kigame
Reuben Kigame

Gospel musician Reuben Kigame has urged Kenyans to be careful what they take out loans for.

He says he once had a hard time servicing a car loan and urged Kenyans to prioritise sustenance over indulgence, as the cash would go down the drain.

Speaking on his YouTube page on Wednesday, he said people should live within their means.

"Don't borrow for pleasures, borrow to invest," Kigame said, adding that his recent car loan was giving him sleepless nights. "You borrow until you cannot anymore. I have been there, especially in my earlier life," he said.


"I can tell for sure that if I could rewrite something in my life then it will be that of debt, where you become a slave and live in fear. People see you in big cars, nice shoes, but they don't know how much you are in debt.

"In my most recent experience due to my mission, I needed a reliable car. A seven-seater, and I did not have the money. I talked to my bank and they gave me the money and I got the car.

"Whenever I finish my concerts and people have enjoyed, we have sold a few CDs, but then when I get home and remember of the instalments... Ouch!"

Kigame said he was drained as he could no longer travel to spread God's word. "The car had made me decide I no longer want to be in debt again. It is a process, one which I have to sacrifice all I have so I can go out of debt."