I lost four front teeth, says Huddah

She thanked 'godsent' lawyer who helped her smile again

In Summary

• Her nickname was mapengo throughout high school


Socialite Huddah Monroe says she wasn’t quite the beauty growing up. She disclosed that she spent her high school years without her four front teeth.

“Lol! I lost four front teeth at age 13, my nickname was mapengo throughout high school, always made fun of me,” she wrote on Instagram.

She says a male admirer financed dental surgery and she was able to spend Sh920,000 on her new teeth, helping her overcome the haters.

“Not to worry because they all miserable right now and I have teeth… My veneers have to be customized . I paid $2300 per tooth!And I’m happy!” she added

In one of her past disclosures, the socialite said a flamboyant city lawyer came to her aid back in 2010 and helped her fix her teeth at a whopping cost of Sh1 million.

In her confession, she said after high school, her teeth lowered her self-esteem and she was not able to afford to smile like most of her peers as she was always covering her mouth.

She used the post to thank the lawyer, calling him godsent and an angel. However, she did not say how she lost the teeth in the first place.