I did not love my first wife, says Tedd Josiah

He was just ticking boxes and then he realised he doesn’t even love her

In Summary

• He got married then because of the norm that he was supposed to be married

Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah

Businessperson and music producer Tedd Josiah says his first marriage collapsed as it was lacking affection.

In a recent interview with Grace Msalame on her show, Unscripted With Grace, Tedd said he did not love his wife the way she needed to be loved.

He told Grace, “I was in a space where I wasn’t ready to be a family man. I was breaking people more than I was building them, and everything I had built was false," he said.

Tedd says he got married then because of the norm that he was supposed to be married.

"I was just ticking boxes and then I realised I don’t even love this person,” he said.

In a past interview, Tedd admitted to being the reason his first marriage did not work out.

"I was young and stupid when I married my first wife. I was so arrogant and at that time I was not ready to marry," Tedd said, adding that he played a part in making sure the marriage did not work.

"I was a really bad boy."

The lack of connection between them was bad enough. When the post-election violence of 2007-08 saw him repatriate to the UK for fear of his life, the marriage took a serious beating.


He left his young family and by the time he reconnected with his children, they were all grown and were now teenagers.

“I realised I wanted a second chance, I really wanted it. Now I have a bond with my kids, all three of them. I love them to bits," he said.


"They spend a lot of time with me at home but because they are in their teens, I isolate them from social media because it can get a bit rough.” 

Tedd is currently raising his three-year-old daughter Jay, whose mum died while she was three months old.