Kakuma cop uses music to fight corona myths

In Summary

• The song was recorded and the video shot in Kakuma with talent from refugee camp


As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, Kakuma-based police officer Kelvin Otieno, alias Blackson, has released a song to create awareness.

Blackson, 23, told Word Is 'Corona' is his first song as a musician. It explains what corona is, how it affects someone when they contract it and how we can prevent ourselves from getting it. 


"There are a lot of misconceptions from the public about the disease and the measures that have been put in place by the government to curb the spread," he said, adding that this is what inspired him to write, sing and produce a song about corona.


Blackson said people in rural areas still believe the disease doesn’t exist. Others think it only affects old people. 

"Some still believe the government is using the pandemic to make money from donors and funders," he said. 

"I wrote this song to demystify all the above and help add my voice to the government’s effort to sensitise the masses about the disease."

Blackson said Kenya Police mean well for Kenyans and they should not see them enforcing the directives as punishment. 

"We are also vulnerable and we can get the disease, so when we do our job to ensure Kenyans follow the government’s directives, we mean well as it has affected all of us socially and economically," he said.

The song was recorded and the video shot in Kakuma by talent from the Kakuma Refugee Camp.