Hospitalised Othuol 'conscious but he cannot move his limbs'

He has been admitted to Ward 8, where he is receiving treatment

In Summary

• He has been in and out of hospitals for treatment of tuberculosis

Comedians Othuol Othuol and Churchill
Comedians Othuol Othuol and Churchill
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Churchill Show comedian Othuol Othul was yesterday admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital.

This was after spending the night at the casualty area, queuing to be attended to by the overwhelmed doctors from 4am on Tuesday.

Speaking to Word Is, Laugh Industry’s Ken Waudo said, “Thank God he has been admitted. Othuol Othuol is conscious but he cannot move his limbs,” he said.


"He has been having TB complications for quite some time, and he has been in and out of hospitals for treatment.

"When he fainted at home, he was rushed to Kitengela Hospital, where he was treated until he was conscious then he was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital.”

Earlier on, Waudo Waudo lamented how Othuol was kept waiting on the queue for hours before being admitted at the facility.


“As I write this, fellow artistes who took him yesternight spent the cold evening together, consoling him and trying their best to have him attended to ...Should someone die just like that?"

Why can't they just attend to him? It's sad. What happened to Ken Walibora shouldn't happen to anyone. Does anyone know anyone at KNH to urge them to attend to him, please? #KNHAttendOthuolOthuol, please,” he wrote on Facebook.

Othuol Othuol has been admitted to Ward 8, where he is receiving treatment. He has been in and out of the hospital for the past two years.

In November last year, he was again hospitalised after being diagnosed with TB and Vitamin D deficiency.


His deteriorating health condition came to light through a comedians' WhatsApp group, in which members were trying to contribute towards his medical bill.

In March, Othuol made a comeback on Churchill Show after a long break of over 1 year due to illness.


“I was sick for the rest of last year from February to early this year January," he said.

"I was diagnosed with tuberculosis, but I am thankful to Churchill, my fellow comedians and you fans who prayed for me. I also thank God for giving me a second chance to live,” he said.