Njambi recounts 'countless problems' with teeth, gums

High levels of oestrogen was damaging her mouth health

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• She said it was one of the one of the side-effects of endometriosis 

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Media personality Njambi Koikai is slowly recovering after undergoing more than 10 surgeries to treat endometriosis.

Njambi has advised women to go for regular checkups and get treated early before endometriosis ravages their bodies.

Using her case as an example, she said every time she started menstruating, her gums and teeth would bleed.


"Endometriosis is a full-body disease and should be treated with a multi-disciplinary approach," she said.

Ever since she started menstruating, she has had countless problems with her mouth.

"My teeth and gums would bleed heavily every time I brushed them during my period. In my teenage years, I had part of my gum cut out and four teeth removed," she said.

"I later wore braces for five years. During my treatment in the US, my teeth and gums were at it again. I saw an orthodontist surgeon, who told me I had very high levels of oestrogen in my gums, which was damaging my teeth."

She said four other teeth were again removed. "I have eight cavities due to this. Do not ignore," she wrote.

Njambi has always documented her experience with fighting endometriosis, including undergoing many surgeries. Other celebrities who have battled the condition are Janet Mbugua and Ciru Muriuki, who underwent a third surgery recently.

Taking to Twitter to let her fans in on her condition, the media personality said the surgery was successful but needs a cure.


“This journey with endometriosis has not been easy. On the bright side, my skin is popping. We thank God,” she wrote.

In a previous post, the media personality said she had been diagnosed with endometrioma at 23 after experiencing unbearable menstrual pains.