Davido has never been abusive, says Chioma

However, neither she nor Davido addressed the separation rumours

In Summary

• The singer 'has never laid a finger on her' and they will sue the bloggers if they persist

Davido and fiancee Chioma
Davido and fiancee Chioma

Nigerian superstar Davido's fiancée Avril Chioma has denied allegations Davido has been abusive to her.

This comes a few days after claims of the two splitting were spread by Nigerian bloggers, who alleged that Davido welcomed a fourth child with a different woman identified as Larissa.

They also claimed the 'Fia' hit maker has been abusive, forcing Chioma, 23, to move out of the matrimonial home.


But Chioma, the mother of Davido’s son, says Davido has never laid a finger on her and threatened to sue those claiming so.

"I know you guys love to spread all sorts of rumours and stories for your entertainment and I’ve known from Day one..," she wrote, adding that she has never come out to respond to any blogger. 

"I must say I have found quite disturbing the stories of domestic abuse between myself and David, and for once feel a need to speak up. Domestic violence and abuse is no joke and not something to ever take lightly," she said.

"Never has there ever been an incident of abuse in my home. He has never in his life lifted a finger to touch me, and I have never so much as pushed him."

Further, we do not take such allegations of abuse lightly at all, and if such persists, then we will be jointly taking action against the perpetrators of these disgusting rumours.

Chioma advised women in abusive relationships and marriages to speak out.

"With all that is going on in the world right now, we most certainly cannot sit around and condone or encourage women to condone such!" she wrote.


The mother did not address the separation rumours. Davido has also not addressed the separation rumours but took a break on social media two weeks ago.