I tried helping Rose Muhando – Shusho

Singer was already in the hands of other people

In Summary

• It was was difficult to reach out to her because she was 'very protected'

Christina Shusho
Christina Shusho
Image: Courtesy

Gospel singer Christina Shusho says she tried to help fellow artiste Rose Muhando when she was hospitalised last year but felt obliged to keep off. 

Speaking to Dizzim Online, Shusho said, "I made a follow-up on how she was doing but it was hard because at the time, she was in Nairobi.

"I tried to communicate with the people who would help me on how we could help her, but in the environment she was in, I saw it was best not to get involved.

"I didn't play a direct part because she was already in the hands of other people, and it was so good that they help.

"I want to thank Kenyan friends who helped out. They were people I could talk to them and I knew everything and that was it. It is because it was difficult because she was very protected."