Mbosso to make major announcement

Mbosso has a new song called 'Haijakaa Sawa'.

In Summary
  • 'I feel like I have just started my year afresh'
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Singer Mbosso is set to announce bigs news to his fans soon.

Speaking to Word Is on Monday, the Tanzanian singer said “My fans should expect something good from me. I have good news any time now,” he said, adding that he will be announcing when.

“I feel like I have just started my year afresh.”

Mbosso has a new song called Haijakaa Sawa. The song is about a typical African family.

“Not all African families but most of them where you have to go to work and sometimes come back angry but then you might fight with your partner and later on patch things,” he said.

“It’s a life that involves getting or not getting. It’s a situation that comes and one must hope that it will pass. That’s the meaning of this song.”

The Hodari hitmaker says just like any other creative, he has hugely been affected by the coronavirus pandemic as he was supposed to go on tours abroad.

“I had a couple of shows in France and they were all cancelled. I was supposed to get a lot of money. The corona pandemic has affected everyone. Things are now at a standstill,” he said.

The artist said it was not possible to collabo with boy band Sauti Sol because both of them were held up.

However, he still wishes to work  a project with the Midnight Train makers.

“Our schedules were tight but I still want to do a collabo with Sauti Sol cause I know they are my brothers and I know they’ll agree so it’s just that time is not yet,” Mbosso said.

He also explained why he failed to perform in Malindi last year.

“The organisers failed to meet their end of the deal. At the airport, they told my manager that they would pay the rest of the amount at the hotel,” he said.

“When we go there, they said they’d pay after the soundcheck. After that, they said they don’t have the money. When we informed the management in Dar they refused.

“I was ready for the show but the management refused and the organisers weren’t anywhere to be seen.”

He says he was sorry to disappoint his fans. “I apologised and they listened,” Mbosso said.