Chameleone, wife mark 12th anniversary

Got married in 2008.

In Summary
  • Artist says Daniella is a friend who gave him her all.

Ugandan artiste Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniella Atim are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

The Tubonge hitmaker and Daniella got married in a flashy wedding in 2008. Chameleone described his wife as a friend who gave him her all.

“So many memories still roll in my mind and am thankful that I found a friend who gave me her whole and together we made a beautiful family,” he wrote.


The couple has five children: Abba Marcus, Alfa Joseph, Alba Shyne; Amma Christian and Xara Amani.

Daniella and the children moved to the US with Chameleone planning to run for a political seat in 2021. He says he will see them after lockdown.

“It’s all wishes for now but at least the reality we did. See you when the lockdown is done. Thanks for being a strong mother and a wonderful wife.” The two met through a friend in Kampala.