Nyashinski calls out cops for brutality

He said Kenyans relate with George Floyd in many ways

In Summary

• They are using this corona curfew as an excuse to 'brutally beat us and even shoot us'


Rapper Nyashinski has become the latest Kenyan celebrity to join the rest of the world in condemning police brutality.

This comes days after George Floyd, an African American, was killed by a cop in broad daylight, sparking a series of protests across America.

Speaking against it, Nyashinski narrated how he has been harassed and even lost loved ones in the hands of Kenya police.


The 'Malaika' hitmaker pointed out that police are using the corona curfew as an excuse to brutally beat innocent Kenyans.

He said police brutality and murders have become so bad and common in Kenya.

"It pains me deeply. They are using this corona curfew as an excuse to brutally beat us and even shoot us. You’re killing your own and thinking you’re doing a great job or thinking you are big and strong," he wrote.

"When will enough be enough? How many 'justice' hashtags do we need to be heard? I mean, what the f**k?! It’s so sad and especially us Kenyans relate with #GeorgeFloyd in so many ways."

He adds that black people experience the most envy and hatred.

"Always remember, a racist is more afraid of you than you are of them and a coward is only courageous with a gang or a gun," he said.