Neomi to parents: Support your children no matter the body size

Family or friends might make comments about your size, weight or food choices

In Summary

• Body shaming promotes an obsession with body size and shape, she says

Neomi Ng'ang'a
Neomi Ng'ang'a
Image: Courtesy

Media personality and actress Neomi Ng'ang'a has asked parents and family members to choose to support their children no matter their body sizes.

Neomi, who turned into a motivational speaker and advocate for plus-size women, shared an inspirational message of how family gatherings can bring joy and connection to families.

"Family members or friends might make unwelcome comments about your size, weight or food choices," she said.

"Even if they say they're just concerned about your health, these comments are still hurtful."

How you approach someone matters a great deal because you can either edify or destroy. "As they say, charity begins at home," she said.

Neomi said when family members (or others) make body-shaming comments, they promote an obsession with body size and shape.

"They reinforce the idea that our worth should be determined by what we see in the mirror," she said.

Neomi is among the many celebrities who suffer at the hands of body shamers, but that has never deterred her from being herself. She has developed a thick skin for trolls.