I'm not a store for diseases, Rose Muhando tells haters

She is reticent on social media but spoke out because 'this is too much'

In Summary

• Viral clips claimed she is sick and in Muhimbili Hospital

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando
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Gospel minister Rose Muhando has told off haters after someone she says she knows well created a fake clip to show she was sick.

'There is a clip that has been going viral on social media, lying that I am sick and in Muhimbili Hospital," she said on her YouTube channel.

"To say the truth, I get hurt when people speak sickness into me. I am not a store for diseases."

Adding, "There is a man called, Silas whom I know very well. Since I was admitted at a hospital in Nairobi last year, he was the one who was announcing lies that I am dead, in collaboration with other people."


She went on to rubbish the rumours, saying she is healthy.

"I am not a person who talks a lot on social media but this has made me speak because it is too much. Just know that God sees you," she said.

"Do not give the church work of prayer and fasting for no reason. I am well and healthy. I am working for God. I got the news when I was rehearsing for my new album."

Muhando is set to release the album this month. Announcing this on her Instagram page, she  apologised for being silent for a long time.

"I have been silent since I released the song 'Yesu Karibu Kwangu'. I'd like to thank you for receiving me well. In June, I'm releasing a new album I hope you'll receive it well."

She is loved for her previous hit songs, among them ‘Nibebe’, ‘Utamu Wa Yesu’ ‘Kiatu Kivue’ and ‘Yesu Nakupenda’.

Recently, she has been doing collaborations with artistes including Ringtone and Kasolo.


 Muhando was hospitalised here in Kenya after falling sick, but it has never been revealed what had happened to her as she rubbished drug addiction rumours.

She later released the song 'Kenya Ulindwe', a thanksgiving track to Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta.