I took a risk getting saved but journey is a miracle — Size 8

She got so much hate on social media, with many expecting her to backslide

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• She revisited her seven years in salvation in a documentary aired on TV

Size 8 with her baby
Size 8 with her baby

Size 8 says she took a risk by being born again. Born and raised in Kariobangi, Size 8 beat the odds to become a successful artiste.

Speaking on her documentary aired on TV, the mother of two said many people thought she got saved because she wanted money.

On the contrary, she said, "I was going to lose money and I was ready for the economic downfall."


'Mateke' was her first release after turning to gospel. "I was so excited and I didn't think anyone would notice it. It was trending everywhere with people having their own opinions, and that broke my heart," she said.

"I got so much hate on social media and that is when people started judging me and expecting me to backslide. Some even gave me hours."

Unexpected, her critics were from church and most of those who supported her move were people of the world.

"I was like, is it me or them who do not understand the power of grace? I didn't know that it was the beginning of all the negativity I have seen on social media towards me," she said.

Since her first release, her name grew and she became more popular than she was in the secular world. The mother of two says during that time, her mother was becoming sicker with kidney failure, and whatever coin she was earning was being directed to keep her alive.

It was the same time she got her first pregnancy, which was complicated as she had high pressure and risked miscarriage. "I had Sh58 in my bank account. My mum was also in ICU," she said.

After a successful operation to deliver the baby, she overheard a conversation from her sisters that her mother was dead.


Her only hope was gone without meeting her baby. "I was allowed to go and see her in the mortuary and as I held the casket, I kept telling her to wake up and see my baby," she said, adding that the painful part is they buried her mum without her, which led to depression.

"Three to four months I had to be rushed to ICU. The doctors said if I was late by like 20 minutes, I would have suffered a stroke or died," she said.

All through that, her relationship with God became deeper. Size 8 is celebrating seven years in salvation.

She encouraged those going through hard times. "Everything happens for a reason and it will work out. Everything about me is a miracle and so keep your hopes high," she said.

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