A year ago, I could not pose for a photo, says Chantelle

She salutes all the 'warrior queens' who have survived a similar experience

In Summary

• She suffered from fistula after afterbirth, affecting her ability to sit

Vlogger Chantelle Petit
Vlogger Chantelle Petit
Image: Elizabeth Ngigi

Vlogger Chantelle Petit went through a lot during her delivery and post-pregnancy life.

After coming out of an abusive relationship, she gave birth to her daughter but this brought a few complications to both her and the child.

Among the afterbirth complications was fistula. This is a connection or hole that forms between two organs.

In women, a fistula can occur as a result of prolonged childbirth, connecting the bladder and vagina, or the rectum and vagina. Fistulas can form when the blood supply to the tissue is cut off, causing the tissue to disintegrate.

Chantelle says she could not help but get emotional remembering how tough those days were for her.

She recalled how she wouldn’t have been able to sit and pose for a picture.

"The fact that I’m able to now makes me super emotional. I don’t even know what to say but I pray we will one day live in a world where the stigma associated with fistula is no more," she said.

"I salute all the warrior queens who have survived it.”

Chantelle and her baby daddy, Ephy Saint, are not in good terms, and he is always opening up about the struggle of being away from his child.

The two have been at each other for a while.