I was considered a rebel for doing secular, says Amani

She had to excel in school to be allowed to do music

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• Her mother brought me up in the right way but 'can't be born again for me'

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Gospel singer Amani says doing secular music was tough for her mother.

Amani's mother is a staunch Christian and a pastor, and people expect their children to be Christians.

Speaking on YouTube, Amani said pastors' children are considered rebels but it's not the case.

"My mother brought me up in the right way, but she can't be born again for me," she said.

"She taught me the right thing and even brought me to church, but that was my decision."

When she took music as a profession, most people thought she would not last. "I remained focused and that is why I have been in it for over a decade," she said.

"People thought it was a joke but the talk came after I chose it as a profession."

She sacrificed a lot to concentrate on music and her books.

" I remember my parents said I had to do well in school or no music for me, so I had to sacrifice my sleep and sometimes even my social life to perform well in school and manage to do my music," she said.

Amani is currently doing gospel music and she says women have to work harder to remain relevant in the music industry.

"The challenge is that as a woman, you have to work hard because your audience is women and sometimes, women question so much before listening to you," she said."

"It's easy for men to entertain women, but when it comes to women entertaining fellow women, they are like, yes her music is good, but do I like her face, how she dresses and so on."