'Stella' triggers gold-digger debate on Kiss

Kamene cited her experience with Tanzanian husband to defend the woman

In Summary

• Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro differed on the character in Freshly Mwamburi's song

Kiss FM presenters Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro
Kiss FM presenters Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro
Image: The Star

Singer Freshly Mwamburi has a song in which he tells the story of 'Stella', who betrayed him with a Japanese man.

Kiss FM breakfast presenters Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe on 'The Morning Kiss' broke down the song.

The story tells of a young man who sold a lot to buy Stella a ticket to go pursue her dreams to study medicine in Japan. She returned to Kenya with not only a degree but also a child and a Japanese fiancé.


Kibe thinks such women are gold-diggers, but Kamene Goro disagreed.

Kamene said, “Looks like for me five years ago, I was in Tanzania married, so do you want to tell me I would have remained in the marriage because I owe someone something?

"For Stella, we did not expect her to go out there and see so many things that can make her better for five years, and then you wanted her to sit and wait for Freshly? She saw a better life in the Japanese guy and she went for it.” 

Kibe said, "You sound like those women who say they can’t cook for men."

Kamene said she chose growth over loyalty. “How do you forget the man who sacrificed everything when you had nothing and now that you have something, you decided to disown me? Where is the loyalty?"

Kibe answered, "He would have used that money to start a business but he took the money and invested in Stella.” 

Adding, "She should have just called him and explained that she slipped and she is now with a child not to come back when Freshly is in the airport with banana leaves and his squad to welcome her back, only to see another man and a child with Stella. She is a user and a gold digger."