Patience has kept our marriage intact, say Kiunas

It's not all rosy but they have been patient with each other

In Summary

• Duo has been together in marriage for 26 years

Bishop Allan & Kathy Kiuna
Bishop Allan & Kathy Kiuna

Power couple Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev Kathy Kiuna of the Jubilee Christian Church are celebrating 26 years of marriage.

Speaking during a TV interview, they said patience and being selfless for each other have kept them intact.

Kathy and Allan met in the ’90s, when he was serving in the Faith Evangelistic Ministry and Kathy was a singer at the ministry.


"It's not rosy but for us, the good has superseded the marriage because we are friends," Allan said.

"We focus on the positives but also it's been hard work and a lot of patience."

They have both had to endure each other by being selfless.

"It's important to marry someone you like and not just love. She is a real friend and patient with me," he said. 

Kathy said a lot of marriage breakups are caused by selfishness.

"My advice to couples is 'be quick to forgive'," she said. 

In an earlier interview, Allan said he knew Kathy would be his wife the first day they met.


“I saw Kathy, and suddenly, something was stirred up inside me,” he said. “Immediately I saw her, there and then, I knew this was my life partner.

"I knew she was the right woman for me and the fact that we became very good friends made it easy for me. Moreover, when my spiritual authority Rev Teresia Wairimu saw her, she approved of her.”

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