Keep your Mother's Day wishes, 'on-and-off' father Terence told

She says it is putting her in an awkward place with her current boyfriend

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• His ex Waneta rues 'nonsense' of posting her photos and showering her with love

Terence Creative's baby mama Njambi Waneta
Terence Creative's baby mama Njambi Waneta

Online comedian Terence Creative’s baby mama Njambi Waneta has called out the comedian for celebrating her on Mother’s Day when he knows they’re not in good terms.

In an interview with Word Is, Waneta expressed displeasure, terming it as chasing clout.

Her message to Terence is that he should stop posting her photos on social media to please his audience and sugarcoat evil.


Terence and Waneta were once an item. The two met while living in a children's home, where both were raised. They have two daughters together.

Waneta says Terence became violent, left his family and married Milly Chebby.

"He left us when we had nothing and he has been an on-and-off dad, but since he knows I am in a good position to raise my kids, that is why he wants to show the world he is a present father figure," she said.

Waneta added that by Terence posting her photos, it could ruin her relationship, which she says she is enjoying.

"Let the kids and I have our peace and let each one of us concentrate on their own lives. As for me, I am seriously dating and I do not want anyone to come between me and my man," she said.

"If he happens to appear with that nonsense of posting my photos and showering me with love, he is giving my man questions marks of whether we are still in good terms."


Waneta says her current man is aware of the drama the two (Terence and Waneta) have been having as he has been following.


"He even appeared in court when Terence took us there and all the mediations. Then he just appears with a picture saying baby mama. I don't want anything to do with him," she said.

On Sunday, Terence celebrated his two baby mamas, Milly and Waneta, with a beautiful Mother’s Day message.

“Dear Mothers to my kids, Mungu awabariki. Thank you so much for being there for my kids, for loving them, as we continue parenting I wish You God’s Grace and favour,” he wrote.

“To my daughters #daughtersofmwangi papa loves you and continue loving and taking care of each other as we have always taught you, I wish you wisdom, health and wealth now and forever. #Terencecreative.”

Her message to Milly is that she forgave her but she should stop calling her whenever they have an issue at home.

When Word Is reached out to Terence he said, "No comment."

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