Burale stars in 'Room 452' film

Film aims to entertain people and relieve them of stress during this season of Covid-19

In Summary

• It's about a governor who tries to convince a nun to marry him

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

Robert Burale has starred in a Kenyan short film called 'Room 452'.

It is a story about the governor of the fictional Mazao county, who is in love with a nun and trying to convince her to marry him.

They meet in a hotel before she decided to convert. The big question is, will the nun agree to the governor's proposal or is she up to something different?

The story was created and directed by Ronald Mwarogo, with Nancy Wanja and Michelle Tiren as assistant directors.

Photography direction and cinematography was done by Evander Hollyfield and production by Mimo Mutungu. Others starred include Leah Kibandi.

Speaking about the film, Evander said the crew decided to create the short film during this season of Covid-19 to entertain people and relieve them of stress.

"It's also another way of showcasing local content," he said.