Don't date narcissists, Lillian tells women

She says she went through the same at least twice in her life

In Summary

• She has constantly been using her own failed relationships to give others advice

Lilian Muli
Lilian Muli

Citizen TV anchor Lillian Muli has advised women to never date narcissistic men. Lillian has constantly been giving relationship advice to other women, which has left many wondering if she is still dating.

Lillian has been in two well-known relationships in the past. The first was with ex-husband Moses Kanene. Their seven-year marriage yielded a child, Joshua. Her next much-publicised relationship was with Shabana boss Jared Nevaton.


She says narcissists have zero consciences, so try and fight any hurt or pain because wherever they are, they do not care how you feel.


"They also never change. After going through the same at least twice in my life, I realised I was attracting the same character in my relationship because I was attracted to a certain type," she said.

She said every person must put an end to attracting a certain type. The mother of two also advised that it is important to take time before you open up about a failed relationship.

"Do not share too many details about what went wrong previously in your life in terms of abuse, unless you are 100 per cent sure about the person you are opening up to," she said.

She says chances are they might use your vulnerabilities against you and do you wrong based on what they know about your greatest fears.

"Take care of your heart and your mind. Don't take things to heart. Focus on never being anyone's victim again," she said.

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