Ben Cyco loses sister to cancer

In March, Ben shaved his hair to show solidarity with his ailing sister

In Summary

• She died Sunday after battling with acute myeloid leukaemia for years

Image: Joy Wairuri and her brother Ben Cyco

Gospel star, vlogger and influencer Ben Cyco is mourning his baby sister Joy Wairuri, who died on Sunday after battling with acute myeloid leukaemia for years.

In an emotional post, Ben Cyco wrote, “Joy, you fought well. You fought a good fight. I remember when cancer relapsed and I had to break the news to you, we made a promise to each other that we would fight to the end, and you did, sis, you fought HARD,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I remember setting up a Netflix account for you on your phone on Saturday, so excited that you were not going to be bored anymore. Little did I know it was our last encounter," he wrote.

"Though I’m sad, I’m at peace with the fact that your faith in God was unshaken and now you are in Heaven, You are in a better place Joy. Rest In Peace baby sis, We Shall meet again @_fu.raha_.”