Wahu explains why she will not have another baby

She's deterred when she visits her friends with small babies and sees how they struggle with them

In Summary

• Babies are gorgeous but take three years of nurturing and she's had enough of that

Wahu, Nameless and their two daughters
Wahu, Nameless and their two daughters

Gospel singer Wahu has responded to fans who have always speculated she is pregnant only to find out that was not the case.

She and Nameless have often been asked when they will be getting baby number three. The couple has been together for 15 years and blessed with two girls.


Speaking to Word Is, Wahu said she is no longer interested in getting another baby and fans should stop the speculations.

"I am just growing fat. There is nothing and I don't think I want a baby anymore," she said.

The mother of two said there is a time she wanted a third child, but not anymore.

"I am okay. My last born Nyakio is almost turning seven years, and I am enjoying the fact she is doing most of the things by herself. She baths herself, she feeds herself and all that," she said.

"When I visit my friends with small babies and see how they struggle with them, I am like, I do not want to do this again. They are cute and babies are gorgeous, but I do not want to go through all that again." 

She says with the fact that a baby takes like three years of your life to grow, she is not ready to take that. 

"It's pleasurable but I think I am good with the two girls," she said.

Wahu said Nameless has also not talked about it for a while.


"So I think he is also good with our two daughters," she said.

Two years ago, Wahu was speculated to be pregnant after she posted photos of herself where she seemed to have added weight.

Nameless defended her, saying, “Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions.”

Adding, “I am with her every day but I have not realised, but I don’t mind another kid.”