Kalenjin men did not ask to marry me, says Emmy Kosgei

The problem the community has is people being introverts

In Summary

• She says Kalenjins beat around the bush instead of 'hitting the nail on the head'

Emmy Kosgei performs
Emmy Kosgei performs
Image: FILE

Gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei says Kalenjin men don’t know how to approach a woman they are interested in.

During a recent online interview with Alfred Koech via his Facebook page, she said the problem the community has is people being introverts.

"Instead of someone hitting the nail on the head, they start asking the girl whether it rained at their place and seeking more details about their home, which is not necessary," she said.

To her surprise, after she had got hitched to her Nigerian husband Anselm Madubuko, four Kalenjin men approached her for a serious relationship.

She blasted Kalenjin men for being afraid of airing their feelings until it is too late.

"An example is a pan, you feel like having it but you do not put it in action and when the pan is taken away by another person, you start questioning why," she said.