Sauti Sol's 'Suzanna' is clean, says KFCB

Board analysed it and concluded it does not promote incest as alleged

In Summary

• Anonymous complainant had argued the song would corrupt the youth

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

The Kenya Film Classification Board has dismissed concerns that Sauti Sol's hit Suzanna is promoting incest.

An unknown person had sent a complaint saying, “Sauti Sol’s hit 'Suzanna', alias 'Senje', should be banned by KFCB.

"Senje is Luhya for aunt — sister of your father. How then can it be that a nephew and his aunt have a relationship? To fall in love with your father’s sister is unheard of, incestuous, an abomination and illegal.”

The complainant argued the song would corrupt the youth.


Upon receiving the complaint, KFCB did an analysis through the board's broadcast monitoring team and concluded that the song does not in any way promote incest.

When Sauti Sol got wind that their song was under review, they posted, “So someone sent a complaint to KFCB early today that 'Suzanna' promotes incest. But why. These streets aren't safe.”