Yvette to Bahati's child: Be ready for the world

Mueni urged to turn to God as a coping mechanism as she grows older

In Summary

• She said trolls are already calling the daughter ugly

Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni
Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni
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Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura has some wise words for her daughter, Mueni.

Mueni, four, is Bahati’s firstborn daughter, and just by association, she is prone to be in many people’s mouths.

Yvette urged her to be ready for everything that will be thrown at her. She said trolls are already calling the daughter ugly.


"But in my eyes, you’re the most beautiful person. Be like mummy, a weak woman with a strong God," she said.

She went on to tell her daughter that in whatever she will be doing, she does not need to explain to people. "Understand the meaning of smiling to the world when your world is crumbling," Yvette posted on Instagram.

"You’ll understand that you’ll never be beautiful in every eye, You’ll understand to go to bed and wake up with swollen eyes, it’s part of growing up...”

She warned the trolls will get worse as she grows up and she will have to develop a mechanism to deal with it. And that mechanism is God.

"But in all these, mama, live your purpose. Be ugly, fat, thin, disabled, but never forget to appreciate God for HIS doing," Yvette said.

"It’s a cruel world out here, mama. People learned to spread hate more than love without thinking about other people’s emotions, but it will always be you against the world."

Edited by T Jalio