Create a show for them, Churchill tells trolls

Lazima utukanwe ndio wajulikane, he cryptically responded

In Summary

• KOT was on his case for allegedly not paying upcoming comics, but he urged positivity


Comedian Churchill has responded to claims he doesn’t pay upcoming comedians.

These allegations started on Twitter and for the better part of the weekend, Churchill was trending.

Taking to his Twitter account, Churchill – real name Dan Ndambuki – pointed out that it is about time people embraced positivity. “For me, it is all about positivity,” he wrote.

He stood his ground and at times countered fiery allegations from KOT with fiery statements of his own.

"Create a show for them and you will have helped them," he responded when one user accused him of shortchanging his comedians and referred to his jokes as stale.

When pressed to lay out the truth he was referring to, he responded saying, "The truth will destroy the very same comedians I have tried to grow."

He added, "Lazima utukanwe ndio wajulikane (They have to abuse you to get clout)," he tweeted.

And when asked on his cryptic response and why he didn't just come out and offer a detailed explanation, he quickly pointed that if there was any explanation to be given, it would be given to the comedians in person.


"So, if you write those things, make sure you ask how can we help these guys. That is how we can grow as a society,” he said.