Tedd Josiah blasts Ethic for 'killing music industry'

'Soko' accused of having lyrics that promote paedophilia and rape

In Summary

• The song has been pulled down on YouTube and Ethic have offered an apology


Ethic Entertainment is trending once again and this time, not for the right reasons.

They have previously been in the bad books of Kenyans because of lyrics such as "I nut without permission", which was slammed as encouraging rape.

None the wiser, they have composed a song, 'Soko', with lyrics deemed to be promoting paedophilia and rape.


Music producer Tedd Josiah is among the many Kenyans who have called out the group for chasing views the wrong way. 

Speaking as a father to a little girl and a producer, he said they are killing an industry that has genuine good music.

“Rape culture is a huge NO! You 2-bit silly Gengetone artistes and producers, I want u to sit ur punk asses down right now and listen! You’re killing an industry called the music industry of Kenya when it’s already on its knees!" Tedd said in a video.

"Why y’all wanna start talking about raping little infants in your tracks? Why y’all wanna make ladies, our beautiful Kenyan ladies, think sex is a man’s right and if u don’t give it, then u ain’t nothing?

"Why y’all messing things up for yourselves and all those talented kids trying to come up without stupid music or scandalous stories! Use ur talent not scandals, sex, drugs and all that nonsense. You can do much better.”

The song has been pulled down on YouTube and Ethic have offered an apology.

Their other hit songs, 'Pandana' and 'Tarimbo', have lyrics that glorify sex in controversial ways. The song 'Tarimbo' was banned but found its way back to YouTube.


Edited by T Jalio