Rigan Sarkozi demands Sh2m from Daddy Owen

Owen given seven days to pay up or face legal action

In Summary

• Artiste accuses Daddy Owen of failing to pay him for work on various songs

Daddy Owen and Regan Sarkozi
Daddy Owen and Regan Sarkozi
Image: Courtesy

Gospel artiste Rigan Sarkozi sent a legal letter to Daddy Owen last week.

In the letter, Sarkozi’s advocate says the artiste wrote and arranged the song ‘Wewe ni Mungu’.

He also directed the hit song ‘Vanity’ and wrote and directed the song ‘Okokroko’ but has never received payment for all that work, he says.


Sarkozi is now demanding Owen to pay him Sh2 million. The legal letter claims Owen said he is not in the country.

In 2014-15, Owen is also accused of engaging Rigan’s band to play for him but has never paid them.

Owen was given seven days to pay up or legal action is taken against him.

Rigan Sarkozi also accused Daddy Owen of failing to pick his phone calls and reply to his SMSs, even though the ‘Vanity’ hitmaker has collected five years' worth of his music royalties.

He spoke in a viral video, saying, “I am sending this message to get to Daddy Owen. I want him to pay my money, which he owes me for the song ‘Wewe Ni Mungu’ and ‘Vanity’, which was also my song, but he gave the credit to Pitson."

"I finished everything, including the melody of the song. Pitson does not know the people in that song. Daddy Owen, please give me an answer to my money,” he said.


Rigan said he has lived with Owen for two years but did not borrow anything from him, and so he does not owe him anything for him to refuse to pay his money.

“You will not succeed if you have not paid my money. You are in deep sh*t with a bad person. I have never stolen from anyone," he said.

"I was buying food and even your brothers know that. My money will come from your nose.” 

When reached for comment, Owen said Rigan is his brother and that he has "no comment".